Looking for Help?

We are a group of volunteers and friends reaching out to help regarding homelessness. We hope to be your friends and link you up to further help where possible.

Please note that we are NOT a homeless shelter. However, we do help sponsor emergency hostel/hotel stays on a case-by-case basis for those who are connected to social workers.

Hello friend! We apologise that due to limited manpower and time, we can't reply to every single rough sleeper report, let alone update you. But if the rough sleepers are in our existing outreach areas, or in an area befriended by other befriending groups, we will do our best to inform them of the person that you saw.

Please also try to talk with the homeless people themselves. We hope to help cultivate a culture of stopping for the one in need, to befriend the man / woman in need on the streets, instead of just reporting them (or even demanding that they be moved to some shelter), as they themselves may not want to be in a shelter or a welfare home. Please respect their dignity and freedom of choice.

And here, it's important to understand that for our homeless friends, many of them already technically have their own places to stay, but due to relationship or other problems such as loneliness, they are unable / unwilling to continue staying in their own places. Some of them are repeat rough sleepers - that is, they have already been given rental flats, but due to various issues, have gone back to the streets. And a few of them simply prefer to sleep on the streets.

So do remember that when you see a person still sleeping rough on the streets, it may be that there are people already helping them and even trying to persuade them to accept offers of shelter.

If you're not sure and still want to help, just go over and chat with them to find out their own stories! Who know, you may become good friend with them as well!

Remember, the homeless are not merely a problem to be solved, but fellow people to be loved and cared for!

Do drop us a message at homeless.sg/contact-us/ if you discover any problems or have any questions. Thank you!